About the Hermannsburg School


Welcome to the Hermannsburg School. This website was launched in 2002 as a dedication to the Hermannsburg School of Art.

My interest in Hermannsbug art began after I acquired a watercolour by Walter Ebatarinja, one of Namatjiras close proteges. In 2014/15 I established Ghost Gum Gallery in Alice Springs. For me the gallery provided an opportunity to meet local artists and to make contact with fellow art enthusiasts. Some of my regulars included the current generation of Hermannsburg painters and historians like the legendary Mr Dick Kimber!

I no longer trade in art but my enthusiasm for Hermannsburg art is as strong as ever.

If you have any history to share about your Hermannsburg art or artists please add it to the guestbook!

Kind Regards,
Christopher Harold Hunter

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Selling Aboriginal Art?

Please contact me via the enquiries form above if you are interested selling Aboriginal art or artifacts.


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